Recruiting a part time Specialist in Orthodontics

As part of our continued growth, Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry is looking to recruit a part time Specialist in Orthodontics to provide private care in our Hyndland Clinic.

Full support will be provided in our state of the art facility with an opportunity to work as part of a multi disciplinary team to provide the best possible care. Our facility is bright and modern, computerised (R4), digital radiographs, Digital OPG and CBCT scanning and modern dental equipment. The support network is excellent and experienced within the clinic allowing seamless transition for the successful candidate.

The successful candidate will be GDC registered and indemnified, enthusiastic, committed and hard working. An ability to work as part of a progressive team is essential with a view to progressing knowledge and skills with involvement in post-graduate training and support.

This is a fantastic opportunity to join a growing and progressive group and to be part of a passionate team, with excellent support & rates of remuneration.

For more information, please contact Philip Friel

Teeth whitening: team attends lecture by UK authority

Furthering our knowledge of the latest dentistry techniques is a key priority for our team of dental care professionals.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that can bring great results for patients and improve the aesthetic appearance of their smiles.

Teeth whitening can bring aesthetic benefits to your smile.

Teeth whitening can bring aesthetic benefits to your smile.

Our team at the Glasgow dental clinic recommend the use of whitening trays – bespoke produced trays which allow the patient to use special whitening agents that generate a gradual whitening effect on teeth.

On Monday night our dentists Liz Glass, Glen Frew and Jillian Clare attended the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow for a course entitled “Modern Bleaching Techniques”.

The course speaker was Dr Wyman Chan, one of the country’s most widely respected dentists on the subject of tooth whitening. According to our dental colleagues’ feedback, the course turned out to be very interesting and informative.

Our colleague Liz Glass who has made a particular focus on the topic of teeth whitening recently wrote an interesting blog about how we, at the Glasgow clinic, carry out the treatment for our patients. Liz is also a member of the British Dental Bleaching Society. It’s well worth a read if you missed it.

Should you have any questions about this blog post or wish to make an appointment to learn more about our teeth whitening treatment then please contact our Glasgow dental clinic’s reception team in the first instance by telephoning 0141 339 7579.

The age of your smile can ‘speak’ volumes

Can your smile give away the secret of your age?

With so many TV shows and media reports focusing on age – and how to stop the effects of ageing – we’re looking in this blog post at the types of issues that can be prevalent regarding your teeth and smile as you get older.

We’re looking at the 40+ decades and highlighting some of the issues you may encounter.

Our team here at the Glasgow dental clinic is on hand to help discuss any of the issues covered here and of course can look at some of the recommended cosmetic dentistry solutions – including dental implant surgery – which can help.

40s and 50s

During your 40s and 50s, stains can become much harder to erase with wear and tear and ageing and gum recession can become more pronounced.

As your face starts to age, your teeth can often push forward which in turns leads to causing lower front teeth to crowd.

Regular professional cleanings can help erase minimal stains – and that’s where we would always recommend regular visits to see our dental hygienists’ team here at our Glasgow dental clinic. But if that doesn’t work, then whitening, crowns or veneers may be necessary recommended solutions.

Veneers can offer a solution, providing, in essence, a new outer layer of enamel for the tooth or teeth. They can disguise worn teeth and can look very natural – a key word in any treatment for patients.

Check the surface of your teeth. Is it rough? The rougher the texture, then the more likely your teeth will be to retaining stains and causing your aesthetic issues. Your dentist should be able to smooth out or polish the tooth enamel so it will be less likely to absorb stains.

Into the 60s

Moving into the 60s then the patient could have additional issues facing them…

Gum recession may make your teeth look longer than they actually are. Saliva production may decrease, reducing the protective benefits of saliva and leading to bad breath.

Even if you’re whitening their teeth, your smile could still be ageing you. One solution is to think about ceramic crowns or veneers to enable lighter teeth set up to a bespoke design – and improved smile.

When the back teeth are worn or missing, the facial structure they support tends to collapse or fall in which can lead to deep facial folds. In addition, without the back teeth, far more pressure than is normal is placed on the front teeth which may be to their detriment over time.

Teeth that support the lips and ideally positioned give optimal support to the overlying soft tissue, meaning less obvious folds and creases. The end result is a more balanced, youthful appearance for an overall younger look. Subject to any cosmetic or restorative work being carried out – including dental implants – there would be a full examination carried out and an assessment of the patient’s medical history and status.

Should you have any questions arising from the blog or would like to make an appointment to discuss any of the issues please call our Glasgow clinic reception team on 0141 339 7579.

What makes the perfect dental nurse? Competence, confidence and cooperation

Here at our Glasgow dental clinic we have a team of three dental nurses – Kasia, Louise, Pamela and our newest addition June.

Between them they support the dentists based at the surgeries in our clinic.

People often ask me what makes a good clinic nurse?

I can sum it up in just three words – “competence, confidence and co-operation”.

Each of our Glasgow-based team has oodles of all three – and their understanding of the task they face during each appointment is so spot on.

Dental nursing can be treated either as a job or a vocation. Only those indivuduals with a true desire to help others regardless of the effort it takes have a vocational instinct.

I believe the dental nurses we employ do share that desire and and have a superb grasp of the role. They also appreciate the importance and benefits of strong team work in the clinic.


I recall some significant feedback from a patient undergoing dental implant work at the Glasgow clinic.

The patient described Kasia’s involvement “like being a comfort blanket” during the treatment.

I work closely with Kasia, especially when we are looking after patients who have opted to undergo dental implant treatment at the clinic – here in Glasgow and also at the New Town Dental Care clinic in Edinburgh where I see dental implant patients.

Kasia also helps to train other implant nurses.


She has held a role with the implant supply company AstraTech, conducting a series of Train the Trainers Nurse Courses, a role for which she underwent a rigorous interview session. She travelled all over the UK to carry out these training sessions.

These training sessions allow Kasia to share the expert knowledge she gained both in her studies and working alongside our team of experienced dental care professionals.

In her role as a trainer she is able to work closely with many other dental nurses from all over the UK.

These are usually nurses who have expressed an interest in developing their expertise into the world of implant surgery or whose dentist employers are expanding their skills in that field and so need the assistance of an implant nurse.

Should you have any questions about this blog post or wish to find out more about our treatments and services please contact our reception on 0141 339 7579.

A Beatle “reborn” from an old molar? Imagine…

We enjoy reading some of the more unusual media stories about the dental world and one offering that’s been doing the rounds in print and online certainly fits that bill.

Dentist Michael Zuk, based in Red Deer in Canada, who bought John Lennon’s discoloured molar for £19,500 at a 2011 auction, reckons scientists can potentially extract the singer-songwriter’s DNA and one day could clone a new Lennon!

To quote one of his songs – “imagine”!


Lennon gave the tooth to his housekeeper after the music genius had it pulled out in the ’60s, and dentist Michael bought it from her son more than 30 years after the Beatle was shot dead at his US apartment block in 1980.

Michael has been quoted as saying:

“Many Beatles fans remember where they were when they heard John Lennon was shot.

“I hope they also live to hear the day he was given another chance.”

We note that in many of the stories the auction house said at the time of the sale that DNA could not be obtained.

But with new advances in genetic/DNA research, Michael believes that Lennon’s DNA can be harvested and, in time, converted from tissue cells into stem cells, and eventually into a reborn Beatle.

He’s further quoted: “To say I had a small part in bringing back one of rock’s greatest stars would be mind-blowing,”


Until that day dawns there is a more serious and positive side to this venture. Michael is advertising other dental endeavours: pendants and a piece of sculpture made from Lennon’s “tooth dust”, a picture book of celebrities’ teeth, the parody song “Love Me Tooth”, and other initiatives to promote awareness of mouth cancer.

Up until we read the lines about the worthwhile cause of mouth cancer awareness – something that our own Glasgow dental clinic is doing this year too – we might have been forgiven for checking our calendars to see if April 1 had arrived early…

Should you have any questions about this blog post or would like to find out more about the services and treatments our Glasgow dental clinic can offer patients please call us on 0141 339 7579. We’ll be happy to assist with your enquiry.

What’s in a name? The story behind our Glasgow dental clinic

Exterior of the Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry Clinic which offers bespoke general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and life enhancing dental implants

Exterior shot of our clinic – with our name displayed.

We’re often asked about our Glasgow dental clinic’s name – Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry at Hyndland Dental Clinic – and why we selected that name to be proudly displayed on our premises here in the West End of Glasgow.

As the founder of the clinic I was more than happy to have my name ‘above the door’ but I also wanted a clinic title that sums up exactly what we offer in terms of treatments and services for our patients.

The title’s key word is “advanced” which, in our view, covers a myriad aspects of our patient care package…

Here are just three advanced aspects that we feel sum up exactly what we’re about –

Advanced care – this is key to everything we do at the clinic. From the moment our reception team receive your initial call or welcome you for the first visit patient care is our number one priority. Our dental care professionals are well qualified and experienced in their fields to deliver the right treatment plans for each patient, whether it’s for bespoke general dentistry, maintenance and hygiene services to more complex services such as cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, specialist orthodontic work or dental implant surgery which is one of our Glasgow clinic’s particular focuses.

Advanced technology – when we were setting up our clinic we scoured the world for the best in cutting-edge equipment to ensure that with our professional skills we were able to offer the patients 21st century advanced treatment. We continue to upgrade/renew our equipment and technology and are constantly researching the latest advances in the dental care world.

Advanced dentistry – we work hard every day to ensure our ‘patient journey’ is right. We consider that our standards of care/treatment are such that we believe our patients are assured of the very best at all times. We consider that our ‘package’ of care/treatment along with our high levels of professionalism, supported by our clinic’s technology and equipment more than earns the label ‘advanced dentistry’.

We are also happy that the name we selected for our Glasgow clinic – Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry at Hyndland Dental Clinic – was approved by the General Dental Council before we went ahead with the official naming back in 2010.

Summing up we believe we offer ‘dentistry with a difference’ and are happy to discuss your dental care/needs.

Should you have any questions about this blog post or would like to discover more about the treatments/services we can offer our patients at our Glasgow clinic then please get in touch with us on 0141 339 7579 or via the contact section of the website.

Glasgow dental clinic’s team summer night out

Our team here at Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry is the key to our delivery of first-class patient treatment and care.

From time to time we organise a special get together for the team to relax away from the clinical environment and enjoy each other’s company.

Last Friday we had our summer night out…which did actually start off in the clinic.

We transformed the patient waiting area into a make-shift stage setting for our team’s newest recruit June Naylor who’s joined the dental nurse team at the clinic.

June is a keen harp player having studied music at Strathclyde university before going on to complete her dental nurse training.

Dental nurse - and expert harpist June who entertained the team on their summer night out.

Dental nurse – and expert harpist June who entertained the team on their summer night out.

June entertained us to a few numbers – a couple of traditional Scottish, a jazz, a Spanish – along with a couple of her own compositions which went down very well.

She also gave us a brief introduction to the history of the harp and answered the many questions we all had about harp-playing.

After our musical section we headed out for dinner and a few drinks to mark the summer’s arrival (tho’ looking out the window currently one could be forgiven for thinking it’s still winter!).

Click on HARP to see and hear June playing on Friday night.

Mouth cancer awareness campaign: meeting with charity at Glasgow dental clinic

Meeting between Michael Walton, Liz Grant and Philip Friel at our Glasgow clinic

Michael Walton, Liz Grant and Philip Friel at clinic meeting

We told you last week we’ve launched a campaign to raise awareness of the signs and risk factors of mouth cancer.

We’ll be blogging about the topic in the months to come and on Friday we met up with two members of the Ben Walton Trust – a charity set up in memory of a young student, Ben Walton, who at the age of just 22 lost his fight with mouth cancer in December, 1995.

We met Michael Walton, Ben’s father, and fellow charity representative Liz Grant at our dental clinic in Glasgow.

The charity has the following aims…

• to give funding to King’s College Dental School, London, and other institutions, for research into mouth cancer in the under 45s
• to distribute information and advise individuals and organisations on mouth cancer, without charge
• to collaborate with the media to increase public awareness
• to work with health professionals to encourage sharing of best
• and to givs emotional and financial support to vulnerable patients

The aim of our meeting with Michael and Liz was to share our year long schedule of activities and messaging and brainstorm some ideas. We’re delighted that we’ll be working with their team too on a couple of initiatives that are coming up in the months ahead.

Should you wish to donate to this worthwhile charity you can do so via their online donation page here.

If you have any concerns about the potential warning signs or issues relating to mouth cancer our team here is happy to discuss them with you.

You may find our launch blog which outlines the potential warning signs and also the traditional causes of mouth cancer helpful to read. You can find it by clicking here.

New surgery in full swing: dentist Jill and dental nurse Pam ‘delighted’ with the new facility.

Dentist Jill and dental nurse Pam 'at home' in new surgery.

Dentist Jill and dental nurse Pam ‘at home’ in new surgery.

Our two new surgeries at our Glasgow dental clinic are now operational – and the team is loving the additional workspace and facilities for our patients.

In our photo dentist Jill Clare and dental nurse Pam Wood are pictured ready to welcome their next patient into the surgery.

We’ve now five state of the art surgeries up and running at the clinic – and the feedback from patients on the new surgeries has been really positive.

It’s certainly been a busy couple of months having the workmen carry out the final renovation work on the lower level surgeries but the upheaval has all been worth it to see the surgeries complete.

Each of the surgeries is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to deliver the best in patient care and treatment – from check-ups to more advanced dentistry such as dental implant surgery and smile makeovers.

We’ve installed the latest chairs from KAVO – bringing our total of chairs from this leading provider to five. We’re working on a special blog about the chairs – so watch out for that soon.

Meantime should you have any questions about our facilities and the treatment/services we offer please don’t hesitate to contact us either via this website of by phoning us on 0141 339 7579.

Dundee dental student Joshua visits our Glasgow clinic: implant case on his agenda

From time to time we have dental course students from a number of Scottish universities visiting our Glasgow dental clinic.
We enjoy hosting them – and we always find they have a really keen interest in learning from their in-clinic experience.

Recently we hosted Dundee Dental School student Joshua Low at the clinic and he’s just written us a note sharing with us his feedback on the time spent with us.

Here are Joshua’s own words…

“I would like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit the Philip Friel Avanced Dentistry Clinic earlier this week. I would also like to thank your colleague Liz for inviting me and Carly for organising the dates for the practice visits.

It was truly a great experience getting to know more about the practice and how it is run as well as witnessing dental care of such a high standard. I acknowledged  how important treatment planning is for patients and how well it was explained to the them, particularly when I saw your colleague, Dr. Frew, use an intra-oral camera to show patients exactly where necessary treatment will be taking place.


I would also like to thank Dr. Frew who let me watch an implant case on Wednesday afternoon.

Dentist Glen Frew

Dentist Glen Frew – allowed Joshua to witness an implant case in the clinic

It was a great opportunity to see implant treatment being performed which I would rarley see at the Dundee Dental School so I was very excited and privelidged to witness this particular case.


What was interesting was the the amount of instruments needed for the surgery as well as the different types of implants  Dr Frew had which was necessary to make sure the patient had the correct implants suited for the patient’s particular type of mouth.

I also noticed the unique relationship Dr Frew had with his patient making sure she was comfortable throughout the whole appointment and updating her when beginning a new stage of the treatment.

I enjoyed every minute of my visit and appreciated how welcoming and nice everyone was. Thank you Dr. Friel, and the rest of the Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry Clinic staff,  for giving me this opportunity and I took forward to visiting the practice in the future.”

We’d like to thank Joshua for his time in writing to us about his clinic visit and we look forward to a return visit in the future as his course progresses.