Easter weekend greetings to all

The team here at Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry clinic in Glasgow would like to wish all patients, associates and friends a peaceful and happy Easter weekend.

The clinic will be closed on Easter Monday. Should you have an emergency situation arising, details of how to contact us will be available on our telephone answering machine.

The clinic will resume normal service again on Tuesday, April 2.

Best wishes from the team

Best wishes from the team

How a footballer patient at our Glasgow clinic benefits from dental implants after a nightmare tackle

Our team at the Glasgow clinic see people from all walks of life.

In this testimonial that we received the patient – a footballer told of the benefits from dental implants after a nightmare tackle.

This was a powerful testimonial from a sportsman who discovered the the preferred solution to his major problem was dental implant work.

The 39-year-old wrote two us when he completed his treatment as follows:

“I have been a professional footballer for 20 years and suffered a severe blow to the mouth after an accidental tackle, causing me to instantaneously loose my two front teeth.

“The incident occurred on a Saturday evening and being very anxious and in a lot of physical pain, I wanted to seek dental treatment immediately.

“Dr Friel was recommended to me by a friend and after speaking with him late on the Saturday evening, he made arrangements to see me first thing on the Sunday morning.


“I was immediately impressed by his willingness to see me outwith practice hours. At this time, I was in a great deal of pain and very concerned about the outcome – I had always taken great care of my teeth and felt very anxious at the thought of possibly no longer having what I considered to be a nice smile.

“After this first meeting with Dr Friel, I was immediately put at ease and left feeling confident that the problem, although serious, could be fixed. My treatment spanned over a 15-month period.

“Throughout this time, the treatment I received from Dr Friel was of the absolute highest standard. From the outset, I felt confident in what was going to be achieved, as each part of the treatment was thoroughly explained to me. Being a very complex treatment, there was obviously pain involved, but I really did feel that this was kept to an absolute minimum.


“Dr Friel‘s attention to detail and his patience continually impressed me throughout treatment. My treatment was finalised two weeks ago with my two new teeth being put in and I am absolutely delighted with the result. The shape and shade of each new tooth has exceeded my expectations and the overall effect has restored my confidence. I would highly recommend Dr Friel not only to friends, but also to other professional sportsmen.”

We were delighted – as we always are – to receive feedback from a patient. The entire teams appreciated the time taken to put together a testimonial. And it was particularly good to learn that this patient’s smile makeover – or even smile rescue – had been appreciated so much. The testimonial for this patient was received after treatment completion in 2011 but the sentiment and the benefits to patients from implant surgery still remain the same.

For more information on the benefits of dental implant surgery see our website section here.

The importance of healthy teeth for boosting confidence: how dental implants at our Glasgow clinic helped this lady.

There is no doubt that our teeth play an important part in how we project our image to our family, friends and work colleagues.

How we smile – or don’t smile in many cases – and how confident we are about our teeth being seen when we’re talking can affect us positively and negatively.

The story of this lady’s dental situation is interesting because the state of her teeth were affecting her job.

This case certainly underlines the importance of healthy teeth for boosting confidence and how dental implants at our Glasgow clinic helped this lady.

In her own words she explained:

“My teeth were in very poor health and for several years I had been attending my previous dentist, three times a year for check-ups to try to hold on to my teeth as long as possible. By the time I met Philip’s I had been losing a tooth from my upper arch every six months or so over a period of two years.

My teeth were very sensitive, badly discoloured and my gum line receding greatly. One of my front top teeth had started to move and was now noticeably lower than its counterpart; also movement had started on another tooth. I was aware I would lose my teeth quite quickly and was very distressed by this.

“My occupation as a Customer Service Manager involves dealing regularly with the public and delivering training workshops to my 150-strong staff; therefore speaking is a great part of my job role. Due to the dreadful state of my teeth I became very self-conscious and couldn’t perform as confidently as I had previously.”

At this point it’s important to bear in mind that there could be various treatments available to a patient in this situation. The question of dentures may arise and it’s important for us as dentists to assess the reaction to this proposal from the patient.

Our lady continues with her story…

“I also had to be very careful of what I ate so as not to put any further strain on my teeth. I explained to Philip’s my adverse feelings about having to wear dentures and asked about alternative treatments. He discussed various options open to me, detailing the treatment involved, the probable long-term outcomes and the cost of each treatment.

“I opted to have implant treatment for my whole upper arch – a treatment I had never heard of before. Philip’s gave me lots of literature on Dental Implants and patiently explained in layman’s terms the whole procedure. Due to my fear of the unknown, Philip’s gently talked me through each step he was taking during my operation, which helped me focus on what was happening and not letting my imagination fuel my fear.

“My post-operative care was also excellent, with Philip’s giving me his private mobile phone number to call him at any time if I was concerned in any way. He even phoned me on the Saturday evening of my operation to check I was OK and to re-iterate he was available any time if I needed him.

“The one concern I had after my operation was that when my new teeth were attached to the implants they would be perfect, pure white teeth that would look completely at odds with my mature years. However, Philip’s having taken heed of my wishes, had an arch made to look as natural as possible for someone of my years.

I can’t express the difference this treatment has made to me in my confidence and also in my ability to enjoy normal eating functions after so many years. I even find myself smiling much more and the worry and stress of the appearance of my teeth, a thing of the past.

“Philip’s continues to support me through regular check-ups and makes such a relaxed atmosphere in his surgery that you feel able to ask him anything regarding dental worries without feeling silly or intimidated.
Also the one thing I did learn through this experience, which greatly amused me, was the fact that someone could get so excited and passionate about this type of work. He really is a credit to his profession.”

We were very grateful to this lady for taking the time to write to us and explain in some great detail her feelings about and reaction to her dental implants journey.

For more information about implants please click here.

Glasgow dental clinic support for Action for Children charity: smile makeover potential for four

Glasgow dental clinic supporting children's charity.

Philip, lunch chairman Jo Mickel and host Fred Macaulay

Over the year the clinic supports a number of charities and good causes.

At the weekend our Glasgow dental clinic pledged its support for Action for Children charity: and it’s likely that there will be new smile makeover potential for four young people under the charity’s supervision.

We’ve pledged to work with the charity and help four young people ensure their dental function and aesthetic smile are as good as they should be to ensure they feel super confident about their image.

The charity does tremendous work all over Scotland and we became involved thanks to patient and clinic friend Jo Mickel who is the chairman of the Woman of Influence 2013 lunch which is organised to raise funds for this worthwhile charity.

For more information about the Action for Children charity please click here and you can see their new Facebook page and “Like” it here.

Dental implant solution for Glasgow clinic patient who lost a front tooth

The trauma that comes with losing a tooth in adulthood can only be intensified when it’s a front tooth.

This female patient visited the clinic having lost her upper left central incisor tooth – see before photo here.

Tooth loss solution - dental implant surgery carried out at Glasgow clinic

BEFORE – the gap left by the loss of the upper front tooth

Following root treatment and restoration with a post retained crown some years earlier, the tooth root fractured and required extraction.

Following this the patient was provided with a single tooth upper denture. The patient reported that while tolerating this, she disliked its movement in function and the effect it had on the taste of her foods.

A single implant was used with some small amounts of bone grafting allowing a single screw retained crown to be used to restore the area with a fixed single implant crown solution.

the smile shown after the dental implant work has been carried out at our Glasgow clinic.

AFTER – the aesthetic improvement is evident.

The after image shows the aesthetic benefits of the implant and of course the functional benefit will mean the patient won’t experience the eating issues she had with the denture.

You can read more about the benefits of dental implants by clicking here.

We have an experienced team with extensive knowledge about dental implants and we’re happy to speak to you should you have any specific questions arising from our dental implant section on the website.

Inside our Glasgow dental clinic – a 360 degree tour, courtesy of Google.

Our website has a number of photos showing the interior – and exterior – of our Glasgow dental clinic  – situated in the city’s West End.

We feel these give a great representation of where our clinical team of dentists and hygienists work – and hopefully will help any nervous new patients feel more comfortable about their initial visit to the clinic. You can see these photos by clicking here.

We’ve now got our five surgeries complete and each is fitted with the highest standard of state of the art equipment and technology designed to delivery the very best in patient care and treatment – whether the patient is here for a routine check up or a more advanced procedure such as dental implant surgery.

By clicking here you can also see a virtual tour of our clinic, courtesy of a Google accredited photographer who uses advanced camera technology to produce the 360 degree panoramic tour.

Our Glasgow dental clinic supporting Action for Children charity

Glasgow dental clinic in pledge to help group of young people

Our pledge to help

Today we’ve announced a project to help support a group of young people – in conjunction with the highly respected Action For Children charity.

The announcement was made at the charity’s Women of Influence Lunch 2013 which was held in the Central Hotel in the heart of Glasgow city centre.

The WOI Lunch organising committee is chaired by clinic friend and patient Jo Mickel. We’d worked with Jo to help support today’s lunch.

Part of that support will see us looking after four young people who will be identified by the Action for Children charity team. We will give them the necessary dental treatment to not only ensure the optimum in dental function and health but also to enhance their smiles.

As you’ll read from my letter to the lunch guests today you’ll see more about why we decided to help the charity with this new initiative.

Our Glasgow dental clinic supports a number of charities throughout the year and we’re particularly proud of our involvement with Action for Children.

We will keep you posted on the progress of this project.

Dental clinic team heading from Glasgow to ADI Congress in Manchester later this year

A group from our clinic will be heading south later this year to attend the annual congress of the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI).

The ADI – of which I’m currently the president-elect – is a registered charity which exists to share knowledge and expertise on the subject of dental implants in Glasgow. This information is available both to patients and to dentists involved in dental implants.

I’ve been a member of the ADI for several years now and have found it a very useful source of up to date information about the newest advanced in the ever changing world of dental implant surgery. It’s also given me the opportunity to attend seminars all over the world and listen to lectures by some of the internationally renowned experts in the implant surgery field.

This year’s congress is being held in Manchester in May. The congress’ main focus is on the question of “How long do implants last?.

Lectures will focus on the potential complications, risk management and prognosis of implant treatment.

Several of the team have signed up to attend this key event in our clinic calendar.

Clinical meeting – a key part of our team’s strategy

We recently held what was our first full Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry clinical meeting at our dental clinic building in Glasgow.

This afforded the team the chance to have informal discussions with our seven dentists present. Communication is key to the running of a busy clinic.

These meetings will allow us to openly discuss what we do, discuss our protocols to ensure consistent delivery of a top end service, peer review and discuss difficult/complex/challenging cases together as a team with input from dentists in Glasgow, dental nurses, hygienists our orthodontist specialist Andrew McGregor.

It’s a good sign when, after three hours, you are only half way through the topic list for the gathering.

We had some great debate, opinion exchanges, discussion and the skeleton of a fantastic clinical document/structure for our team.

The planned quarterly meetings will now be bimonthly to ensure we get through everything in good time.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail: the importance of project planning

Work is now coming to end on the makeover and fit-out of our two new surgeries on the lower level of our dental clinic in the heart of Glasgow’s West End.

The brand new equipment is in situ, the painting’s complete and what looked very much like two empty shells now resemble 21st century state of the art surgeries, ready to welcome our first patients.

It’s an exciting finale to a major project which certainly didn’t start its development yesterday!

Around four years ago in fact was when I started with the plans for a new clinic.

Before anything started, I had completed full design, planning, contingency etc and now, despite splitting into three manageable phases with slight alterations along the way, that same plan is now nearing completion.

Planning is very much an essential starting point of all we do dentally – whether it’s for dental implants, a smile makeover or a specific cosmetic dentistry treatment – but it’s also an essential part of all we do.

Several other dentists in Glasgow have asked me for my most important tip in developing a new clinic.

To me it’s an easy answer – planning.

As the saying goes – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

That very in-depth, detailed planning has paid dividends in the evolution of the clinic. We’ll post some new photography as and when we’ve completed 100%.