In the second of his blogs, Glen Frew blogs from Florida on an impulse buy with a difference….

God forgive me, but whilst berating Pam and the girls for reading Hello magazine and the like, it is a guilty pleasure of mine to leaf through the pages of these scandal rags when no one is looking. And so I am coming clean here and now – I just love those images of a wasted Charlie Sheen or a dishevelled Lyndsey Lohan falling in and out of taxis in the Hollywood Hills. I want to know if Beyoncé’s marriage IS on the rocks and who WAS that guy seen leaving Britney’s apartment at dawn.

I am in Florida right now and when I am on holiday I enjoy going shopping with my wife. Yesterday, as I was unloading the trolley onto the cashier’s conveyor belt at the local supermarket, I found myself scanning the headlines of the Celebrity mags displayed at the checkout – cunningly positioned for that last minute impulse buy.

All the usual faces on the covers: Oprah, Britney, Angelina, Brad….but there in screaming neon print, the startling headline, “Does Brad have false teeth?” I gawp at the words, struggling to process their meaning – Is it possible? Could it be true that the most beautiful man in the world wears dentures? My mind races – do Angelina and Jennifer know? Yes, it’s all coming back to me now; when the other guys ordered steaks the night before the heist in Ocean’s Eleven, Brad had spaghetti! And when they were filming that Zombie film in George Square, a shop assistant in Boots claimed to have sold him 4 tubes of Dentufix… and no one listened.

Brad, if you read this, make an appointment with us in Glasgow. We can give you dental implants – it won’t hurt, I know you can afford it and soon you will be able to snog Angelina with newfound abandon!

Guest blogger: Dentist Glen to write on dental and implant topics

Dentist Glen Frew

Dentist Glen Frew

Throughout the year we invite our colleagues at our Glasgow dental clinic to put together blogs focusing on their work, past or present.

Dentist colleague Glen Frew graduated from Glasgow University in 1978 and entered private practice in the city’s Hyndland area in 1992.


At that time, through training in Gothenburg, he met and became a disciple of Per-Ingvar Branemark – regarded as ‘the father of dental implantology’ – who also discovered osseointegration (the biological fusion of bone to titanium).

And so Glen became one of the first dental surgeons in Scotland to introduce implantology into day-to-day practice.

With his considerable experience and post graduate training in Europe and the United States, Glen has a wealth of dental implant knowledge and an evidence base which he has accumulated over the years.


As well as his dental expertise, Glen has a fantastic way with words.

With this in mind, we have asked him to produce a small series of blogs – focused on some musings/recollections, career defining moments, major changes which have occurred in the field of dentistry and other considered tales or outstanding moments.

The first of these blogs, presented unprompted, is almost complete and when you read it, you will understand why I was keen for more. Keep up to date with our blog for Glen’s debut instalment.

If you have any questions about the above post or would like to find out more about the services and treatments – including dental implants – that we offer at our Glasgow dental clinic then please contact us on 0141 339 7579.