Kasia embarks on course in dental implant nursing

Our dental professional team at our Glasgow dental clinic is well qualified to carry out the treatments and services we offer our patients.

But, like every other UK-based dental clinic professional, the emphasis for our Glasgow team is very focused on learning more and gaining further knowledge and qualifications in a range of treatments from teeth whitening to cosmetic dentistry and dental implant work.

Continuing professional development is a key priority at our Glasgow clinic and the staff were are often attending seminars or courses. Sometimes our own clinic will be the venue for courses and seminars with delegates coming from all over the country to attend.

Dentist Jillian Clare is currently enrolled on a smile design course which she attends monthly in London.

Our endodontist Ross Henderson has recently completed his thesis for his Masters in endodontics – more commonly known as root canal therapy.

Dentist Liz Glass recently completed studies and subsequent examination to become a Member of the Faculty of Dental Surgery.

Kasia Zawada who's embarking on dental implant nursing course.

Kasia – embarking on further studies in dental implant nursing

And now our dental implant nurse Kasia Zawada is embarking on a year-long course which will see her attending monthly sessions at London’s King’s College Hospital.

Next July she will complete the course and on passing the exam should receive their certificate in dental implant nursing.

As well as being based at our Glasgow clinic, Kasia works with me at the Edinburgh New Town Dental Care clinic when I’m seeing dental implant patients there.

We look forward to hearing how Kasia progresses on the course and we’ll keep you posted on news of any other courses are Glasgow team embark on in the coming months.

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Dentist Liz’s puppy continues its training: update on Ramsay’s journey

We like to share news on what’s happening on the clinical side of our work here at our Glasgow dental clinic.

We also like to let you know of any new advances in treatments such as dental implant work and cosmetic dentistry.

Dentist Liz Glass with pup Ramsay

Flashback – Dentist Liz with puppy Ramsay shortly before he left Glasgow for training

But we also enjoy giving you an insight into the life our experienced and committed team members share when they’re away from the Glasgow clinic…and that can range in topics from family life, sporting interests and big life milestones to hobbies and courses.


Earlier this year we shared news about our dentist colleague Liz Glass and how her family’s pet labrador Twiggy had given birth to some pups.

One of the male pups – called Ramsay – was donated by Liz and her family to the excellent charity called Canine Partners which trains puppies to become assistance dogs for people with disabilities. These dogs can make a huge difference to those people who are assigned their canine partner.

Liz has just shared with us an update on how Ramsay is progressing since he headed off from her home in Glasgow for his new ‘working life’.

Liz's pup Ramsay after leaving Glasgow to train with Canine Partners charity

Liz’s pup Ramsay after leaving Glasgow to train with Canine Partners charity

According to the charity team, young Ramsay is making good progress, settling into training classes and is learning to do as he is asked promptly rather than in his own time!


The update report added: “With encouragement he settles well both at home and in class when the humans are having coffee.

“He seems sound in traffic and his lead walking is improving. He loads into the car well and travels with no problems.

“At first he was tending to bark at other dogs but now it is the occasional whine rather than a bark which is good. Hopefully the whining will stop as he matures.”

The charity also provided Liz with some new photos of Ramsay…and there’s certainly a big difference in him since the last time he appeared in our blog!

We look forward to further updates on Ramsay’s progress.

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MBE award for dentist Liz’s mum-in-law: for her work with elderly in Glasgow

Dentist colleague Liz Glass with her MBE awarded mum in law Sheena Glass

Dentist colleague Liz Glass with her MBE awarded mum in law Sheena Glass

We’re always pleased to share new of our team and any special life moments they experience.

On this occasions we’re delighted to congratulate Sheena Glass on being awarded an MBE for services to the community in the Queen’s Birthday Honours announced recently.

Sheena, mother-in-law of our dentist colleague Liz Glass (both pictured above), works incredibly hard in her role as Chief Executive for Glasgow Old Peoples Welfare Association – a charity that serves elderly people across Glasgow with day care, welfare services, neighbourhood visits, holidays, residential care, form filling support and much, much more.

Their motto is, “Adding Life to Years” and Sheena devotes a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm improving the lives of many elderly people in Glasgow.

Her role involves fund raising, organising, visiting homes, setting up day centres, attracting volunteers, speaking to clubs like Glasgow Rotary Club as well as taking groups of older people on holiday twice a year. She is caring, committed and compassionate about older people and their needs. Anyone who has been in touch with GOPWA will realise they have become a friend for life.

The Charity also helps young people – senior pupils from schools throughout Glasgow are welcomed in the day centres and residential homes. This provides the youngsters with valuable work experience and fulfils volunteering requirements for awards such as the Duke of Edinburgh.

The young people are often surprised at the satisfaction they get from helping out with the elderly.

Warmest congratulations to Sheena Glass MBE. If you want to volunteer or know someone who could do with some help from GOPWA, they can be contacted on 0141 221 9924.

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Dentist Liz attends ceremony for new qualification

New qualification for dentist Liz

New qualification for dentist Liz

It’s always exciting when one of the clinical team achieves a new milestone in their career and professional development.

Several of our team are usually attending some sort of course or study programme and recently we told of how dentist colleague Jillian Clare had embarked on a course in cosmetic dentistry techniques in London.

This time it was the turn of our colleague Elizabeth – know as Liz – Glass who recently underwent the studies and subsequent examination to become a Member of the Faculty of Dental Surgery. The course took a year and Liz passed with flying colours – no surprise as she put in a great deal of commitment to and studying for the exams.

On Wednesday of last week she and her family attended the formal admissions ceremony for those new MFDS ‘graduates’ at the University of Glasgow’s Bute Hall.

After the ceremony a dinner was held at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in St Vincent Street, Glasgow.

You can read more about Liz’s qualifications and experience by clicking here.

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