In the second of his blogs, Glen Frew blogs from Florida on an impulse buy with a difference….

God forgive me, but whilst berating Pam and the girls for reading Hello magazine and the like, it is a guilty pleasure of mine to leaf through the pages of these scandal rags when no one is looking. And so I am coming clean here and now – I just love those images of a wasted Charlie Sheen or a dishevelled Lyndsey Lohan falling in and out of taxis in the Hollywood Hills. I want to know if Beyoncé’s marriage IS on the rocks and who WAS that guy seen leaving Britney’s apartment at dawn.

I am in Florida right now and when I am on holiday I enjoy going shopping with my wife. Yesterday, as I was unloading the trolley onto the cashier’s conveyor belt at the local supermarket, I found myself scanning the headlines of the Celebrity mags displayed at the checkout – cunningly positioned for that last minute impulse buy.

All the usual faces on the covers: Oprah, Britney, Angelina, Brad….but there in screaming neon print, the startling headline, “Does Brad have false teeth?” I gawp at the words, struggling to process their meaning – Is it possible? Could it be true that the most beautiful man in the world wears dentures? My mind races – do Angelina and Jennifer know? Yes, it’s all coming back to me now; when the other guys ordered steaks the night before the heist in Ocean’s Eleven, Brad had spaghetti! And when they were filming that Zombie film in George Square, a shop assistant in Boots claimed to have sold him 4 tubes of Dentufix… and no one listened.

Brad, if you read this, make an appointment with us in Glasgow. We can give you dental implants – it won’t hurt, I know you can afford it and soon you will be able to snog Angelina with newfound abandon!

Denture solution delivered for Glasgow dental clinic patient

We often see patients coming to our Glasgow dental clinic with issues regarding their dentures.

I recently saw a 67 year old male patient whose upper denture had been causing him problems and he asked if I could help.

He’s just completed his treatment at the clinic and wrote a testimonial which we’ve included in this post. It tells the story of his clinic experience and I’m delighted to read how positive he feels about his new upper denture and his adjusted lower denture.

Here are the patient’s own words…


“Came with a problem – left with a solution.

I went to Philip with a badly fitting top denture which other dentists had attempted to reline, remake to no avail.

The patient's original card with his words of feedback about his visits to our Glasgow dental clinic

The patient’s original card with his words of feedback about his visits to our Glasgow dental clinic

Aftr a consultation he advised on what he saw as the way forward by adjusting the bottom denture – never before adjusted – and remaking a new top denture.

Due to Philip’s patience, perseverance and tolerance with the back up of a highly skilled technician – Alex – the insoluble problem was solved with excellence.


I now have a very comfortable, well fitting, good looking denture which doesn’t move. I can enjoy eating anything without the embarrassment of teeth moving up, down and sideways.

Many thanks to Philip Friel and all his colleagues including the lovely ladies on reception.”

We really appreciate the time a patient takes in writing a testimonial and the whole team is delighted to hear his feedback.

If you want to read more information about the ways we can help patients who require dentures then click here.

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Glasgow dental patient gets smile boost with implant retained denture

At our Glasgow dental clinic we see a number of patients who are encountering issues with dentures.

The benefits of using dental implants can greatly improve the functionality and appearance if the patient opts for dental implant retained dentures.

This 61 year old patient visited our Glasgow dental clinic complaining of a loose and poorly functioning upper denture which was retained in place by two loose teeth.

The patient had lost her remaining upper arch teeth many years previously and following the loss of these teeth, had lost a great deal of bone height and width in the upper arch.

The patient's denture was no longer functioning well and its appearance was not pleasing the patient.

The patient’s denture was no longer functioning well and its appearance was not pleasing the patient.

After a full examination and on presentation of all of the options available, this patient elected an implant retained denture on the basis of the stability of the final solution in function, the aesthetics of the solution and its affordability.

In addition, she felt that the removable denture option would be easier to maintain in years to come.

Four dental implants were placed in the upper arch. Given the bone loss, this was a fairly difficult case which required bone grafting and sinus elevation. Following healing the implants were uncovered and restored with a milled bar and locators which were used to retain the new upper denture.

Treatment completed and the patient was happy with her new smile - both in terms of function and appearance.

Treatment completed and the patient was happy with her new smile – both in terms of function and appearance.

The final solution looked great with the patient giving our team input in the design of her new smile, and this together with the stability of the solution in function restored the patient’s function with and confidence in her dentition and smile.

The retention of the implant retained denture by the implants means that there is less need for coverage of the palate and as such, the palate is largely uncovered.

Should you have any questions about this blog post or would like to find out more about the benefits of dental implants if you are a denture wearer, then please contact our Glasgow dental clinic on 0141 339 7579. We look forward to hearing from you.

Denture makeover patient undergoes transformation at our Glasgow dental clinic

Denture makeover work is one of our areas of restorative dentistry at the clinic…

Dentures are a well used and traditional means of restoring the spaces resulting from tooth loss and come in many forms – they can be full or complete dentures if all teeth are lost, or partial if only some teeth are lost. Dentures are made from a variety of materials including acrylic and chrome. Dentures are relatively quick to produce, but are a removable solution.

Technology and manufacturing techniques have made great advances and the results for a denture patient can be pretty amazing.

The photo montage shown here features a recent denture case we worked on at our Glasgow dental clinic.

The denture makeover in images.

The denture makeover in images.

The male patient who was 71 came to the clinic having worn an upper denture for many years following a football accident.
The existing denture (top left photo) was worn, fractured and not as retentive in function as it once had been.

The patient wished a rejuvenated solution with improved function. The one remaining upper molar was utilised in the design and retention and a new, chrome based upper denture (top right photo) was provided to the specific requirements of the patient in terms of tooth shade and set up.

This patient’s denture makeover was completed and in the lower photo we see him smiling with his new upper denture in situ…

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Denture patient at our Glasgow dental clinic labels his result “perfect”

Sports trauma and injury can compromise a person’s smile as well as his or her dental function.


Over a course of a year we’ll see several people who’ve suffered tooth or teeth loss as a result of a sports related incident.


Recently we saw a 68-year-old male patient who had lost three teeth when he was a teenager after clashing with a goalkeeper during a football match.


His decision to come to our Glasgow dental clinic was fuelled by his need to find a replacement for his partial upper denture.



The patient carried out some research before selecting our clinic and we’re delighted to receive a great testimonial from him about his experience with us.


Appreciated the line in his testimonial that we made sure ‘to the last detail that my denture was perfect”.


We’re always very pleased when a patient finds the time to send us feedback about the experience they’ve had at our clinic.

See the photograph for more information about this patient’s experience.


Should you require any additional information about dentures please click here.

Denture patient at Glasgow dental clinic

Denture patient delivers his verdict

Dentures V Dental Implants – the great debate…

It’s a question I’m often asked…should a patient go for dental implants or dentures?

I will often refer a new patient to your website or our in-clinic testimonial book to read what our past patients have had to say about the dental implant decision.

Some of their own words make for really powerful reading.

This is a testimonial from a lady in her early 60s who’d had three decades of denture wearing. Then she decided to opt for the dental implant solution when she came to our Glasgow dental clinic.

“I lost my teeth when I was in my late 30s and was never comfortable wearing dentures. I rarely smiled, as I was self-conscious of my dentures looking false.

“As I am a vegetarian who enjoys healthy eating I had trouble eating certain foods such as some breads, fruits, nuts and pulses, this problem restricted my choices when I was eating out. It was a major decision for me to go through with the treatment for implants.

“Philip put my mind at ease by explaining from start to finish the procedure, any potential complications and what post treatment I would need to receive.

“He explained this in a jargon free way, which helped me to talk to my family, who were uncertain and worried about dental treatment that seemed pretty complicated and almost like a major operation. Immediately after my treatment when I returned home I received a phone call from Philip to see how I was feeling, which reassured me very much.

“Post operation I was in a little discomfort, which lasted around seven weeks, but by following the advice given by Philip I have had no further problems and it has been a great success. I have no regrets and psychologically feel more confident and assertive when speaking and eating. My daughter mentioned this year that I looked different in the holiday photos, happier and younger looking, which I was pleased to hear.

“I have also been asked if my teeth are my own – of course I say yes! I can now eat foods that previously I couldn‘t, which is wonderful when in restaurants.

“Although at times it was a lengthy process, I would advise anyone who feels self-conscious about wearing dentures to consider implants as an alternative. I received first class information, treatment and post-operative care, which have made a huge difference to my way of life.”

We were very pleased to receive such a positive reaction from our patient. It is clear that her life has been greatly enhanced by her new dental implants.
We all smiled especially when we read her quote…

“I have also been asked if my teeth are my own – of course I say yes! I can now eat foods that previously I couldn‘t, which is wonderful when in restaurants.”

Eating for many is of course a simple – no thought required – process. For this lady it had been problematic in the past when she didn’t have the implants. We were delighted with her specific mention about the difference it had made to her when dining.

Testimonial from a patient: implant secured denture work carried out

Feedback from patients is always appreciated – both in the time they take to write to us and also the information they’ll share with us in that process.

This gentleman tells the story of how his dentures didn’t give him good dental function and how dental implant work carried out at our dental clinic here in Glasgow produced a much improved solution for him.

Please take time to read his testimonial – shown here in the image.

Should you have any questions about dental implant treatment or any of the other services we carry out here at the dental Glasgow clinic please contact us – we’re happy to answer any queries.

Dental implant patient gives us feedback on treatment carried out at Glasgow clinic

Image of testimonial from dental implant patient