Expert view

From time to time life throws many things at us – and some are not so pleasant or at all welcome.
Many people find themselves involved in assaults, sports injuries or road traffic accidents which can all result in damage to their teeth, dental function. aesthetics and stability.
In many situations court cases can emerge – both in the criminal and civil courts.
Compensation claims can also evolve and in these, like the court proceedings, I am often called upon to give my professional opinion.
Part of my role in such cases is to determine what effects the trauma has had on the patient and what treatment may be required to rehabilitate the patient and restore their dental condition.
This takes the form of expert reports and, although time consuming for all those involved, these investigations and assessments can often be the start of the road to recovery – and a more positive outcome – for these patients.

Ongoing education

In the world of implant technology, dentists need to keep abreast of new developments. I’ve travelled the world attending conferences and lectures with some of the internationally renowned experts in this field.
In February I’m attending a major symposium in Cologne and one of the duties I’ll be involved in is seeking to earn the accolade of “expert in implantology”. This involves a lot of study and assessment work and my spare time is spent immersed in highly detailed papers and reference documents.

2010′s Busy Start

First off I’d like to wish all of my clients and referring dentists a very happy and healthy New Year.
I hope 2010 is an exciting and positive one for us all.
I’ve started the new year with a busy diary and appointments book so the team and I are back to full speed in welcoming patients to the clinic.
I’m also looking at fitting a couple of other key activities in the next six weeks or so.
One is a whistle-stop visit to London to meet designers involved in creating our exciting new clinic in the west end.
The clinic will be based in a traditional building but we’ll create a state of art design to complement the architecture. We’ll also introduce some real cutting edge clinical and sterilisation technology.
We have exacting standards in terms of how the clinic will look and operate – and we believe today’s patient also has high expectations.
High levels of patient comfort are also on our design brief.
Watch this space for more updates and we’ll bring you as much news and information about the new clinic as and when it emerges.

A festive message to all

The team and I would like to wish all our patients, referring dentists, suppliers and website visitors the compliments of the season.
We hope you have a peaceful and enjoyable time with your friends and families.
We also would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2010.
The new year is going to be a big one for us.
Work on our new clinic is progressing and our plans are well underway – more about what’s happening in the next few months.
Meanwhile our work continues at our existing clinic and we look forward to welcoming patients in the new year.
Best wishes to you all.

Focus on extraction techniques carried out at our Glasgow dental clinic

My work takes me all over the country and one of the recent destinations was the Forest of Arden in the Birmingham area where I took part in a round the table meeting to discuss extract socket preservation.

In layman’s terms that means looking at ways to use a new material which can be used after teeth extraction to maintain the bone in the area.

This means a more straightforward and aesthetic implant solution for long term tooth replacement. I’m a regional expert on the topic for Geistlich Biomaterials who have invented the new material. During the meeting I presented my findings to the other regional experts from the rest of the UK and beyond. It’s an ongoing study and it’s hugely interesting for me to be working on it.

New post

Travelled to London to King’s College for the Association of Dental Implantalogy AGM.

This is always an extremely interesting event because almost 300 attend from all over the country – and some members present short lectures on topics which are of interest to the other attendees.

My role on the day was to “chair” the afternoon session covering surgical topics. Before that kicked off I was sworn in as treasurer for the Association.

This role brings with it many new responsibilities and challenges and I’m looking forward to getting involved. All who attended agreed that the event was a big success.

Golf outing

A group of cosmetic dentists in Scotland meet from time to time on the golf course – to relax and share news and views about business.

We headed to Machrihanish for the annual pre Christmas outing and we struck it lucky with the first dry day in three months.

With the weather perfect it meant we could enjoy the great scenery and aim for some good golf. Machrihanish as a golf destination is a great experience and I’d recommend it to anyone.

We flew there and back and because we were fortunate with the weather the whole day was memorable.

Smile – we’re snap happy! New photos of the Glasgow dental team

The team and I decided we needed new photos done for our website makeover and for any new material we’re publishing in the future.

We commissioned Glasgow based freelance Victoria Stewart who’s done work for a large number of publications and organisations.

We blanked off an afternoon in the diary for our session. Victoria did dozens of pictures in the surgery and as you’d expect it took a fair chunk of the time in setting up the right positions and “looks”.

It was great fun and also served as a bit of a team building exercise too!