Scottish dental schools top the UK Uni guide – and Glasgow in No1 spot

Interesting article in the latest issue of the Scottish Dental Magazine this month which focuses on The Guardian’s 2014 University Guide.

When it comes to offering dentistry for students the Guide has placed the Glasgow dental school in No1 position.

Second place goes to Aberdeen Dental School and Dundee takes the fifth position.

All three Scottish establishments have moved up the rankings from last years – a great reflection on the standards of education offered to the students in these three universities.

We’ve worked with a number of students from Glasgow and Dundee in the last few months – offering them work placement periods in the clinic and it’s always a great experience to meet these young students pursuing their professional goals in dentistry.

As a graduate from Glasgow I’m particularly proud to see the School taking the prime position in the UK-wide list but also pleased to see all three learning centres making their mark on the UK dentistry map.

According to the Scottish Dental Magazine article, MArgie Taylor, the chief dental officer of Scotland, is quoted as saying:


“These ratings reflect the quality of courses available in Scotland and are testament to the staff and students at all three schools.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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Gaining new techniques in dental implants for our patients

Dental implants are my particular focus in dentistry and I’ve travelled all over the UK and the rest of the world in pursuit of the latest techniques and understanding of what is, I believe, one of the greatest advances in cosmetic and restorative dentistry in the last 40 years.

For many years now, we have been using the all on four technique with Nobel Biocare implants to restore the dentition in those who have lost or are loosing all of the teeth in one arch.

artwork shown in our Glasgow clinic where dental implants are offered

Implants can make significant difference in function and appearance.

Recently I travelled to Essex to spend two days with fellow implant dentist Andrew Moore who uses a different implant system to carry out this technique with many benefits that I wanted to see first hand.

Since qualification in 1988 Dr Moore expanded his clinical experience by taking the post of Honorary Clinical Assistant in Oral Surgery at Basildon Hospital. He then completed a 2 year Postgraduate course in Orthodontics at Southend Hospital.

Like me, Andrew’s main interest is in the field of Implantology, which he has pursued with a commitment to postgraduate qualifications in this field, including a 1 year course in Implantology at The Centre for Reconstructive Surgery, Harley Street, London.


He was one of the first dentists to be awarded The Diploma in Implant Dentistry by the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners at The Royal College of Surgeons. Andrew has now been placing dental implants since 1997 has extensive experience and takes referrals for implant treatment from other dentists in the area. Andrew now teaches Implant Dentistry to other dentists at the practice and at the Royal College of Surgeons.

It was good to see Andrew at work – he’s a superb operator – and interesting to see another clinic in full swing, especially when dental implant surgery is underway.

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If you’re based in Edinburgh I also offer my dental implant surgery services at the New Town Dental Care Clinic.

Restorative dentistry: offering patients at our Glasgow dental clinic great results

Part of a dental professional’s calendar is taken up with attending courses and seminars each year.

It’s a key part of our professional development and a vital step in ensuring that we’re at the forefront when it comes to acquiring the latest knowledge and expertise which we can then pass on in our treatments and services to our patients – whether this is in the pursuit of a smile makeover, cosmetic or restorative dentistry or dental implants surgery.

Recently I attended an excellent practical training session in London with a pioneering restorative dentist called Jason Smithson.

During the course we focused on the artistic aspects of working with composite resin materials to create restorations of teeth that are as close to nature as possible.

The advances in this field in the last few years alone have been major and we’re able to complete some excellent work for our patients as a result.

The course was great and we’re now awaiting the delivery of some new first-class materials and instruments to use in the clinic to help us achieve the best results possible.

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Rolls Royce’s dual role as ‘mobile dental surgery’ in WW1 days

We like to hear unusual stories about the dental profession…

This one came to us via our friends at Dentistry Scotland magazine and its editor Heather Podbury had posted about it on the publication’s Facebook page.

It centres on the forthcoming auction sale of a classic Rolls Royce – but this vehicle had a very unusual history and an even more unusual link with our dental world.

Apparently during the time of the First World War the car was used as a mobile dental surgery, equipped with a dental chair and complete with drills.

One can only imagine how basic the equipment would have been then – and a million miles away from the sophisticated equipment and technology we have at our fingertips for cosmetic dentistry and dental implants surgery.

According to the history of this vehicle – estimated to sell next month for as much as £800,000 – the then owner wanted to do his bit for the war effort and so transformed his vehicle accordingly.

To read more about this interesting story please click here.

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Smile makeover: using the right tools to achieve great results at our Glasgow dental clinic

Smile makeover - the right tools for a great result.

Smile makeover – the right tools for a great result.

Creating the perfect smile is often described as akin to painting a masterpiece.

During cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry any artificial aspects must be carefully customised to look and function as a real tooth would.

Ensuring ‘shading’ is natural looking and ensuring the overall effect is as real as possible are important prerequisites and as well as a superb range of dentine and enamel shades, we also use a number of stains to mimic surfaces, stains and anomalies in the outcomes of our tooth restorations.

Recently I received a gift from one of our suppliers Optident – it’s the company’s latest version of a composite staining kit.

This allows us to achieve the correct colouring/shading of any fillings/inlays/overlays we’re working on for patients.

This innovative product certainly goes a long way in meeting our expectations in the work we do to achieve first-class results.

We’re looking forward to trying it out.

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Groom-to-be gets smile makeover at our Glasgow dental clinic ahead of big day

Cosmetic dentistry can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of a person’s smile.

We recently saw a 28-year-old male patient, referred to us by his dentist. Due to be married, he wanted a quick, non invasive smile boost for a brighter, natural smile for his big day. Using simple tooth whitening and aesthetic composite additions we improved the appearance and his confidence in his smile. Here are his own words after his visits…

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note regarding my treatment which you are more than welcome to use although I am sure you are not short on compliments for your work!


“After being referred to Phil from my own dentist and recommended as one of the best cosmetic dentists around, I was unsure as to how much difference there actually would be.

Smile makeover - can boost confidence and improve appearance

Smile makeover – can boost confidence and improve appearance

“I can safely say that I am delighted with the end result and Phil’s team were all superb, from reception to hygienist to Phil himself and I would have absolutely no problem in recommending them to others and can certainly see a huge difference.

“I can understand now why I was referred here.”

We appreciate the patient’s time and effort in sending in this testimonial.

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