Don’t rush the brush

I read that research shows that one in three adults in the UK do not brush their teeth for the recommended full two minutes per day.
The British Dental Health Foundation found a third cut brushing short to deal with more pressing matters.
Excuses given by the 1,000 adults polled included rushing to leave the house on time, as well as answering mobile phones or caring for children.
I’m sure we can all think of occasions when we’ve let that brushing time slip a little.
Trust me when I say…It’s imperative to brush your teeth for the full two minutes every day because daily care is vital especially in the fight against gum disease.
Rushing off to do something else instead of brushing your teeth is crazy – you need to invest time in that daily routine. It will pay dividends in years to come.

TV show beckons

Thursday night and I was sitting in the BBC studios at Pacific Quay in Glasgow and the cameras were about to roll.
I was there as part of the audience for the Frank Skinner show. Bit of a change from the clinic and implant and cosmetic dentistry work…
It’s fascinating to see a programme being made – and very different to watching it from your sofa at home.
The Beeb’s Scottish HQ complex is superb – very impressive.
I’ll watch the show again tonight when it airs – and look out if I can spot myself in the audience!


And for those who did watch it…did you notice Frank kicked off with a joke about teeth! Glad to see he was “on-message”!

New and future trends in implants

I’ve been invited to the headquarters of Astra Tech in Sweden for a meeting about current trends in implantology.  Astra Tech is one of the world’s leading healthcare companies focusing on dental technology and has made great progress in the world of dental implants.  We have had discussions about plans for possible research in future and I was able to present some of my current research and ideas to their research and development team who are keen to take this forward. I will keep you informed of progress on this working relationship.

*Implant work can help if you’ve got a single tooth missing or have multiple tooth loss. Implants can also be used to help denture wearers achieve a more secure and natural looking smile. Please call the clinic on 0141 339 7579 for more information or check out our implants section on our Treatment pages on this site.

A month for smiles – but keep yours for life

May 16 sees the kick off for National Smile Month.
The Brush for Health campaign is run by the British Dental Health Foundation and focuses on the importance and benefits of good oral hygiene.
To prevent gum disease brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, cut down on sugary foods and drinks and visit your dentist regularly.
Our hygiene team can help with advice and a treatment plan.
We can also advise on the best electric
toothbrushes to use if you’re a fan.
We’re liking the newest equipment in the Philips Sonicare range which includes a sanitiser
unit which helps ensure your brush heads are kept clean.

19th century v 21st century

I’ve discovered the original plans for the building that houses our new clinic.
The plans are dated 1899 and are – to say the least – fairly simplistic when you compare the highly technical drawings our architects are required to create to conform with planning and building regulations in the 21st century.
We’ve stuck them up on the wall of what will eventually become our new reception and waiting area. We’ll probably frame them at some point.
The preparation work for the new clinic continues and we’ve been selecting flooring and some of the highly sophisticated audio visual equipment we’re planning to use in the various rooms. As well as being of patient benefit, I’ll use the screens whenever I’m conducting training and mentoring sessions for other dentists.

Scanning expertise

I’m due to visit the world renowned Eastman Dental Institute in London to undergo further training in CBCT (Cone beam computer tomography) scanning.  The justification for dental radiology scanning and interpretation of the results is strictly controlled in the UK.  This forms one of the core areas of further professional development for dentists and with a new CT scanner due to be installed it’s an essential piece of ongoing training for me.  This will allow the efficient use of CT scanning as an extremely useful tool in planning and performing dental implant planning and surgery.

Top 50 new appearance

Some great news to share with everyone…
I’ve just discovered that I’ve been named among the UK’s Top 50 most influential dentists and my position at 26 in the poll makes me the highest-ranking Scots-based dentist.
The prestigious Dentistry magazine issues its Top 50 every year and votes come from within the dental profession.This is my debut appearance on the list.
In their citation about me, the Dentistry Top 50 organisers said I am “regarded as one of Scotland’s finest implants surgeons” and added that I have “a deep knowledge and understanding of implantology from intensive study both in the UK and internationally”.
Their kind and generous words made me blush a bit but obviously I’m absolutely delighted with the placing in the Top 50 list. It’s always good to get recognition from your peers – especially from the many dentists with whom I work on training and mentoring sessions all over the country..
Dentistry has been my passion since my teenage years as I feel very privileged to work in a profession which can transform people’s lives by helping to recreate  the natural beauty and impact of a smile.
I also work a lot with people who have experienced sports injuries or other dental traumas and the difference we can make in improving their lives is significant.
It’s a great accolade – and I’m also delighted for the team at the clinic.

Keys to new clinic

It’s the big day…
Keys handover day for the building that will house the new clinic.
Several big site meetings are scheduled with architects, interior designers and associated professionals as we get the green light to proceed with the radical transformation of the premises.
This is a real dream come true for me and I have very specific aims and objectives about how the clinic will be. Today’s patients – whether in for a check-up or for an implant – have high expectations in terms of patient care and comfort and my own standards are high.
I’ve done my research on how the clinic will be fitted out with input from all over the world. The plans are a real melting pot of bringing together what the patient needs and expects and my vision to create an environment that’s different and state of the art.
The new design has been endorsed by many of the leading dental companies who will in their own way associate themselves with the project.

One little tooth – one big moment

Big smiles all around and great excitement in the Friel household as baby Arnold’s first tooth emerges!
With both parents dentists you can imagine the anticipation of our baby’s dental debut…
And of course as more baby teeth emerge we’ll keep a close, careful watch on their development and as soon as Arnold’s old enough we’ll begin the process of teaching him how to clean his teeth properly.