3D vision for patient care

We’ve placed our order for one of the most important pieces of new technology due to be installed in our new clinic this autumn.
After much deliberation we’ve opted for a state of the art CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) scanner.
Radiography – usually called an x-ray – has long been used in dentistry to diagnose disease and plan treatments.  Whilst radiographs are in two dimensions, new CBCT scans allow vision of oral structures in three dimensions.
With all treatments for our patients, planning is vital and this new technology will allow us to accurately diagnose and plan all cases.
In addition, the information gained from such a scan can be used to plan computer guided surgery.
The equipment will be particularly useful in working with patients who require implants.
This investment will allow us to maintain our position as a cutting edge clinic, abreast of current developments and with patient care and service at the forefront of what we do at all times.

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Renovation full-on

Just had a marathon session with the contractors for our new dental and implant clinic.
Five hours of discussion later and I think we’ve managed to confirm every single fibre/switch/plug/fitment for the renovation project.
Was a hugely productive meeting – but it left me with a bit of a headache!

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By Royal Appointment

With the embossed “official” invitations in our hands along with our photo ID’s we headed to Holyrood Palace for the Queen’s annual garden party in Edinburgh yesterday.
Thankfully the weather improved and for the most part the sun shone – and the rain stayed away.
We joined several hundred other invited guests in the shadow of the impressive Holyrood palace and watched Her Majesty and the rest of her royal group emerge from her Scottish residence.
As well as some superb sandwiches and cakes, pomp and circumstance were the orders of the day and the afternoon was all highly entertaining and enjoyable.
We secured good vantage points to see the Queen performing her duties during the afternoon.
Aside from the Queen, we bumped into some other people we knew – several dentists and a couple of my patients.

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Meeting with the master

One of the most important people I work with on a regular basis is a ceramist – the person charged with the task of “creating” teeth for use in crown, bridge and implant work.
Last night the man I call my “master ceramist” was in Glasgow for a meeting as part of my plans for the new clinic.
He’s based in Manchester but thanks to the wonders of technology and high-speed delivery services he offers me – and my patients – a bespoke service in creating what I consider to be some of the best work I’ve seen.
We had a chance to show him around the new clinic – albeit that it’s still a building site – but at least he could see my vision emerging.

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A jumbo task

I don’t think I’ve had to make so many decisions and consider so many choices in my life as I’m currently experiencing in the refurbishment project for the new clinic.
Everything from wallcoverings to sophisticated new dental equipment and accessories seem to come with endless options.
But choice is good – and it’s important that I get the clinic looking and feeling exactly as my vision intends it to be when it’s complete later this year.
One decision I made brought a smile to my face today.
I was in discussion with the interior designer and considering paint colours for some of the areas.
I opted for a particular shade and we both burst out laughing when we saw the colour title – “Elephant’s Breath”!

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In the heart of Hyndland

I’m guessing now that work’s underway many of the neighbouring residents and locals in Hyndland will be watching with interest the transformation gets underway.
Yesterday Ruth, one of the team from the Hyndland Heart magazine, came to visit and interview me about my plans. They also recorded our chat and will post as a podcast on the magazine’s website in the future.

Belfast beckons

We were off for a whistle-stop visit to Belfast for the wedding of a dentist friend. It was great to catch up with former university colleagues and share experiences of our lives out in the real world. We were blessed with great weather so all in all a good day.  Best wishes for a bright and happy future to the newlyweds.

New clinic work moves up a gear

With planning permission approved we’re ‘all systems go’ with the transformation of the building that will house our new clinic later this year.
A lot of the work at this stage is stripping out existing flooring, temporary walls, old lighting systems and years of what can only be described as “old DIY”.
Our team of craftsmen are working hard to return some of the former glory to this wonderful old building.
It’s early days but we’re already seeing positives in the development work.
We’ll keep you posted!

Implant on tour

Implant on tour - Canada 2010

Implant on tour - Canada 2010

I travel extensively throughout the world on training and development programmes, working with some of the best implant dentists in the profession.

By working alongside these people – often in their own surgeries – I am able to pick up the latest and best techniques in implantology.

Wherever I go, I always take a photo of an implant “in situ” at the destination. Here’s the one I took when I recently visited Toronto and Niagara Falls.

Not only does it provide me with a photographic record of my travels but it provides me with a great ice-breaker whenever I’m giving lectures and talks about dental implants.

Dallas date makes me 1st in Scotland

I was delighted to take up the offer of a scholarship from Biohorizons to attend the Centre for Advanced Dental Education in Dallas.

This renowned clinic is run by Edward Patrick Allen. The course focuses on advanced intraoral plastic surgery techniques with the use of an alloderm which is a special tissue graft material.  These techniques will allow recreation of a more natural result in oral restorations by increasing available tissue volume and quality.

The alloderm can be used in aesthetic applications to decrease or restore areas of gum recession.  I am the first clinician from Scotland to have been trained in this technique and am very excited about using it with my patients.