It’s a date!

We’ve got an official moving-in date for our new clinic. We’re all systems go for welcoming our patients on Monday, November 8. Progress is being made at a fair rate of knots and each day when I visit I see something new and different. The countdown to the new clinic opening is really underway.
It’s all very exciting.
As with any renovation work much of the time-consuming work is “behind the scenes” but we’re almost done with all that particular type of task and we’re heading towards the actual “fit-out”.

Decade of dentistry

Just been to a 10 year reunion for my dental class of 200. Great to meet up with all my former student colleagues from Glasgow University – some of whom had come a long way for the gathering in the city.  Brilliant to catch up with who’s done what and who’s working where etc.  I was able to share news about my new clinic project and  some of the further studies I’ve embarked on in the field of implant work. The reunion was a huge success.

Rugby top boosts charity funds

One of the charities we’ve recently helped is the Scottish Association for Cleft Lip and Palate. The group held its West Coast Charity Ball at the beginning of the month and raised £4000. The clinic donated a signed Scottish rugby top – autographed by the team that defeated Australia last year. We’re delighted to help support the charity which continues to promote excellence in cleft lip and palate management.

Silver lining

Infection control and hygiene are of crucial importance in the planning of the new clinic. Simon Mullen of Urban Life, our contractors, sourced a special antibacterial paint for the clinic surgeries. The Microbarr paint has a high silver content which forms part of the surface film, preventing any bacterial multiplication. This means we’ll have a high level of cross infection control in our clinical environment. The paint inhibits the growth of E.Coli and MRSA and contains fungicide and algicide. This can all help prevent/decrease infection risk and is a fantastic top-up to our already stringent hygiene measures for the new clinic.

Team Effort

With any major building project a good working relationship with the contractor always helps. I’ve been fortunate to be working with Simon Mullen of Urban Life Contracts Ltd whose previous work projects impressed me. Simon – a former fellow pupil – quickly grasped my vision and understood my aim of create a bespoke clinic with a high specification in every aspect. Simon’s team is used to working throughout Scotland and on all manner of jobs big and small and I’ve been extremely impressed by their handling of this project. The team has shown dedication and have been excited by the prospect of delivering what I consider will be an iconic clinic building.


The clinic renovation at 154 Hyndland Road is continuing. We’ve posted a couple of photos to show the work in progress. Since these were shot the plasterers have moved in to do their magic and we’ll start seeing more of how the finished clinic will look in a very short time. So much of a major renovation work is hidden – the electrics, the plumbing and all sorts of wiring relating to the sound and entertainment system and communications package that’s being installed.

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry building

Exterior of clinic during renovation

Interior of clinic

The work continues

Work on the clinic interior at Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry

Work continues at the clinic

Glasgow hosts 3000 dentists for conference

The largest gathering of dental implantologists converges on Glasgow this week.

It’s the annual conference of the EAO – the European Association of Osseointegration and 3000 dentists will visit my home city.

As the 2010 event is staged in my city means I can stay at home with the family but attend some very interesting lectures and seminars with many of the world’s leading experts in dental implant work.

It’s a huge event. The four day congress focuses on science related to dental implants but it promises something for dental practitioners everywhere.

Leading experts will make presentations on topics ranging from aesthetics and the use of new materials, to options for implant restorations and the growing use of digital equipment.

“The conference aims to bridge the gap between science and clinical practice,” says EAO Scientific Chairman and EAO President elect, Paul Stone.

There will also be a wide range of other attractions including master classes, short oral communications, a poster presentation, EAO Research Prize Competitions in Clinical and Basic Research, and a series of pre-congress ‘step-by-step’ courses. There will be simultaneous translation of the presentations in French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Welcome to our new team colleagues

We’ve got some exciting news!
Two of the best known, highly experienced dental surgeons in Glasgow have joined our clinic.
I am delighted to announce the arrival of Glen Frew and Liz Glass to join our team.
Both Glen and Liz bring many decades of experience in general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry and I know their expertise will enhance our patients’ experiences at the new clinic. They’re both highly committed professionals who have built up first-class reputations for the work they do.Our combined expertise in the fields of general and cosmetic dentistry with special focus on dental implants means which can offer patients a very high level of service and wide range of treatments in an exciting new environment.

Liz Glass and Glen Frew have joined the team

New team members: Liz Glass and Glen Frew

How old is your smile?

I was quoted in a feature in the Sunday Mail Seven Days magazine. The article was headlined “Bite back the years in a smile – well-cared for teeth can help you look younger for longer”. The piece looked at each decade and highlighted the must-dos and the can-dos as our overal dentition ‘matures’ with age. The bottom line was saying – no matter what age your are, dental care should be a key factor in your overall health regime. The piece focused on the benefits of regular check-ups and hygiene appointments as well as how cosmetic enhancements such as dental implants can make a significant difference.

Check-up chillout

It’s that 20 minute window that emerges twice a year and allows me to completely relax and switch off.
No-one can reach me.
No mobile or landline demands my attention.
Nothing distracts me…
I’m talking check-up time. My own dental check-up -  when I surrender all to the expert skills of another dental professional.
Yes even dentists need our dentition checked out on a regular basis.
I’m happy to report that my last check-up was all clear.
My hygienist colleague Jen did her magic and ensured the smile was in good working order for another six months.
As well as seeing many clients twice yearly, Jen sees others for quarterly visits.
The reasoning behind these more regular visits?
Particular care and attention is required if you’ve had dental implant work, crowns, bridge work or perhaps have retainers fitted after orthodontic work.
Whatever the reason, commitment to a regular check on both the state of your teeth’s hygiene and gum health is very worthwhile.