The French connection: one of my dental implant articles goes international

The cover of the French issue of Dental Tribune International

The cover of the French issue of Dental Tribune International

From time to time I’m asked to contribute to magazines and publications focused on the dental world.

I just received an email the other day informing me that the team at Dental Tribune International had translated one of my articles for their French issue which was just published.

The article focused on dental implant surgery and the immediate fitting of implants post surgery. As well as the words, I’d provided a series of photos to chart the progress of the dental work in our Glasgow dental clinic.

This is the first time I’ve had an article translated into another language for publication and so am delighted to learn the an even more international audience is reading about my work.

You can see the full article – and practise your French at the same time – by clicking this link.

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National Smile Month – dental data revealed

Some interesting facts and figures,

Some interesting facts and figures,

We’re in National Smile Month 2013 and the organisers have released more survey findings to mark the occasion.

As you’ll see from the above the survey unveils some fascinating results about our attitude to dental health and more importantly how our dental health can impact on the overall body health. Makes interesting reading…

The most important message coming from the organisers of this month long campaign is the importance of having your dental health checked out on a regular basis.

Their number crunchers have also revealed some interesting facts about the nations approach to visiting the dentist. According to the British Dental Health Foundation –

50 per cent of adults say they visit their dentist every 6 months

21 per cent of adults say they visit their dentist annually

Visiting the dentist annually reduces the risk of tooth decay by 60 per cent

Nearly one in ten people in the UK aren’t registered with a dentist


And on the topic of the reasons why the nation does decide to visit the dentist the findings reveal the followng -

27 per cent of adults only visit their dentist when they have a problem

9 per cent of adults visit their dentist with pain

90 per cent of visits to the dentist are for check-ups

The UK is one of the most likely nations in Europe to visit their dentist for a check-up – ranked second (72%), after the Netherlands (79%).

Teeth/Smiles are rated the second most important attraction feature, after personality, and the most important body feature surveyed (including body shape, height, hair, face and eyes).

The National Smile Month is organised and run by the British Dental Health Foundation. This is an independent charity that is dedicated to improving the oral health of the public by providing free and impartial dental advice, educational materials and national campaigns, such as National Smile Month 2013!

For more information about the Foundation and the work it does please see their website by clicking here.

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Dentist Liz attends ceremony for new qualification

New qualification for dentist Liz

New qualification for dentist Liz

It’s always exciting when one of the clinical team achieves a new milestone in their career and professional development.

Several of our team are usually attending some sort of course or study programme and recently we told of how dentist colleague Jillian Clare had embarked on a course in cosmetic dentistry techniques in London.

This time it was the turn of our colleague Elizabeth – know as Liz – Glass who recently underwent the studies and subsequent examination to become a Member of the Faculty of Dental Surgery. The course took a year and Liz passed with flying colours – no surprise as she put in a great deal of commitment to and studying for the exams.

On Wednesday of last week she and her family attended the formal admissions ceremony for those new MFDS ‘graduates’ at the University of Glasgow’s Bute Hall.

After the ceremony a dinner was held at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in St Vincent Street, Glasgow.

You can read more about Liz’s qualifications and experience by clicking here.

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