Are you sitting comfortably? A look at how surgery chairs have changed over the decades

A look back at how dental clinic chairs looked over the decades.

A look back at how dental clinic chairs looked over the decades.

How many of you can remember when your dentist’s surgery looked like any of the images in the montage above?

We’re grateful to dental equipment supplies company KAVO for delving into their archives and sharing these interesting photographs with us.

Today’s 21st century surgery chair is a very different piece of equipment.

When we planned our new Glasgow dental clinic we aimed to source the very best in equipment and fixtures to ensure our patient experience is the best in terms of comfort and available treatment.

We’ve installed five KAVO chairs which ensure the patient’s experience is the most comfortable and stress-free as well as meeting the stringent hygiene, decontamination and safety standards.


Here are two photos of our modern day chairs – look what we can pack into a 2 cubic metre space…and see the benefits on offer…

One of our clinic's five KAVO chairs giving patients  the very best in comfort and equipment.

One of our clinic’s five KAVO chairs giving patients the very best in comfort and equipment.

- patient-friendly, comfortable, fully adjustable chair with soft moulding comfort padding for head, back and legs ensuring the patient’s ultimate comfort at all times during the clinic visit.

- fully adjustable headrest for neck support.

- fully adjustable lumbar support.

- non porous, antibacterial, seam-free cover


- fully sealed unit for hygiene and easy clean, smooth surfaces in up stands.

One of the KAVO chairs in our Glasgow dental clinic

Today’s chair is a sophisticated piece of equipment with patient comfort and care at forefront.

- high and low volume aspiration for highly effective spray and saliva removal during treatment

- fully automated internal cleaning and decontamination programme

- heated spittoon/rinsing water

- multiple screens for patient education and demonstration

- integrated digital x ray machine for maximum image detail, speed and minimisation of dosage

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Guest blog: Dentist Jillian reveals plans for new course study

Jill Clare, dental implant and cosmetic dentist

Focus on new cosmetic techniques

GUEST BLOG: This month’s blogger is dentist colleague Jillian Clare (pictured above).

Each month one of our team here at the Glasgow dental clinic will be writing a ‘guest blog’ – and giving us an insight into something that’s new in their dental world.

Today dentist colleague Jillian Clare tells us about a new course she’s started to ensure she’s up to date with the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques that can be used in a smile makeover. Here are Jillian’s words –

“In the past, the practice of dentistry was primarily based upon the prevention and the treatment of dental disease.

While this still holds true, and is of vital importance, dentistry is evolving.

The press and media focus on beautiful smiles, over the past decade especially, has seen an enormous demand for the cosmetic improvement of the smile.

An attractive smile can be seen as an important social asset. Surveys have shown that, more than any other feature- the smile is what both men and women find most attractive in other people.


A smile can be enhanced by the most simple of cosmetic treatments, such as professional home whitening, or the changing of a visible, traditional amalgam filling, to a more attractive and natural looking “white filling”; right up to complex full mouth reconstruction following a comprehensive smile design planning process.

I have recently started a nine month course on advanced aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, in London.

This course aims to teach us “the art and science” of a beautiful smile, and is taught by two highly respected, London based, cosmetic dentists, together with guest speakers from different interlinked specialities.
The structure is largely hands on, together with a sound theory core.

Dentistry has changed so much, even in the 14 years since my graduation from Glasgow dental school.
I have attended many courses within that time, in order to keep up to date with current best practice.

At dental school, we were, of course, taught how to place “white” composite fillings, and how to prepare and bond veneers, but with so many new advancements in materials, techniques and technology, I wanted to ensure that I am able to offer my patients the very best treatment options, both in routine restorative dentistry, and also should they be looking to cosmetically enhance their smile.


The course starts with several days devoted to the all important planning stages, including smile design, dental photography, and cosmetic imaging.

The cosmetic imaging training, is for me, one of the most exciting aspects of this course, as it allows modification of an onscreen picture of a patients own teeth, to show the cosmetic dentistry enhancement possibilities.

Changes in the length and width of teeth, straightening, whitening, closure of gaps, the lifting of the gum to reduce a gummy smile appearance, and many more cosmetic dental options, can all be visualised in the image of the patients own mouth, and this simulation can then be compared next to the patients existing smile picture.

Essentially, this will allow patients to visualise all possibilities, and be involved in any modification, to achieve the smile that they desire, prior to a decision being made on the progression of treatment.
I am hoping to be able to offer cosmetic imaging to patients in the clinic as soon as possible after appropriate training.

In future blogs I will discuss in greater detail treatment options that are available to enhance the smile.”

We’re grateful to Jillian for her blog input. If you have any questions arising from the blog please feel free to contact the clinic on 0141 339 7579.

Mouth cancer awareness campaign: meeting with charity at Glasgow dental clinic

Meeting between Michael Walton, Liz Grant and Philip Friel at our Glasgow clinic

Michael Walton, Liz Grant and Philip Friel at clinic meeting

We told you last week we’ve launched a campaign to raise awareness of the signs and risk factors of mouth cancer.

We’ll be blogging about the topic in the months to come and on Friday we met up with two members of the Ben Walton Trust – a charity set up in memory of a young student, Ben Walton, who at the age of just 22 lost his fight with mouth cancer in December, 1995.

We met Michael Walton, Ben’s father, and fellow charity representative Liz Grant at our dental clinic in Glasgow.

The charity has the following aims…

• to give funding to King’s College Dental School, London, and other institutions, for research into mouth cancer in the under 45s
• to distribute information and advise individuals and organisations on mouth cancer, without charge
• to collaborate with the media to increase public awareness
• to work with health professionals to encourage sharing of best
• and to givs emotional and financial support to vulnerable patients

The aim of our meeting with Michael and Liz was to share our year long schedule of activities and messaging and brainstorm some ideas. We’re delighted that we’ll be working with their team too on a couple of initiatives that are coming up in the months ahead.

Should you wish to donate to this worthwhile charity you can do so via their online donation page here.

If you have any concerns about the potential warning signs or issues relating to mouth cancer our team here is happy to discuss them with you.

You may find our launch blog which outlines the potential warning signs and also the traditional causes of mouth cancer helpful to read. You can find it by clicking here.

The best ‘tools for the job’ at our Glasgow dental clinic

The newest and best equipment is very important for today’s clinic and we spent a lot of time researching the pieces we need to deliver the best in patient care and treatment.

That research took me all over the world – literally visiting clinics and suppliers personally – or surfing dozens of dental related websites to source the best for our purposes.

Each of our five state of the art surgeries is equipped with some of the most up to date equipment and technology that’s available in the world of dentistry.

Dental magazine Dentistry Scotland’s new issue carried a feature highlighting some of the key items they’ve labelled as the equipment we ‘couldn’t live without’!


It gives you some insight into how important we view the need to have the best equipment on hand to deliver the best experience possible for our patients.

Should you have any questions about this blog, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at the Glasgow dental clinic.

A spotlight on some of the equipment we have in our surgeries and clinic.

A spotlight on some of the equipment we have in our surgeries and clinic.