Charity project underway: first young patients arrive for dental consultation

Glasgow dental clinic in pledge to help group of young people

Our pledge to help

From time to time we focus on some charity work to help those people less fortunate in life – often through no fault of their own.

Last month we announced a collaborative project with the excellent team from Action for Children, a Glasgow based charity, which helps support young people in need.

The dental clinic team will look after the dental health of four of the charity’s young men and women who are given help and support in their lives for a variety of reasons.

As you’ll see from above we gave details of our pledge to support this worthwhile cause at a fundraising lunch organised by the Women of Influence organisation which is chaired by clinic friend and patient Jo Mickel. We’ve worked with Jo and her team on the Women of Influence committee for several years now.

The idea for this joint project came through a brainstorming session to discuss how the clinic could further support Action for Children in the year ahead.

LAst week the first of those young people identified by the charity as potentially requiring our professional help visited us at the clinic and it was a pleasure to welcome them.

Whether the young people require ongoing dental maintenance, hygienist appointments or some more advanced treatment or care to achieve a smile makeover, we’ll be on hand to do the necessary.

By committing to this project, we as a clinic want to help the charity organisers make a big difference to the lives of these young people.

Without question a great, confident smile can go a long way in helping cement professional as well as personal relationships – and the lack of good dental function or aesthetic appearance can reduce a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of this exciting project.

Should you require more information about the Action for Children charity in Scotland please click here.

Be aware of the potential warning signs of mouth cancer: our new campaign launches

We’re launching a campaign to raise awareness of the risks of mouth cancer in the year ahead.

Mouth or oral cancer is not the most commonly discussed cancer although globally experts have identified it as having a rapid rise in cases over a ten year period.

In the UK there are about 6200 new cases each year – with around 700 of them in Scotland.

In Britain, more people die annually from mouth cancer than are killed in road traffic accidents (2010)*.


Early detection is possible through regular oral check-ups – and, as with most cancers, the sooner mouth cancer is diagnosed the better the chance of successful treatment.

All dentists are trained in the detection of mouth cancer – and look for any signs during regular check-up appointments with our patients.

We also have access to the Velscope – an innovative, hand-held device that provides dentists and hygienists with an easy-to-integrate examination system for the early detection of a wide variety of oral diseases, including pre-cancer and cancer.

Potential live saving tools such as Velscope, provide valuable assistance during examinations of the soft tissue in the mouth.

It is a simple and highly effective adjunct to our normal examination and can detect very early signs of oral cancers and abnormalities that may otherwise remain unnoticed. As clinicians, it is our duty of care to offer patients the most advanced treatments available.

During our campaign we will be working with the Scottish-based charity – The Ben Walton Trust. The Trust was set up in 1996 to commemorate the life of Ben Walton who was a university student when he lost a year-long battle with mouth cancer.

We are meeting the charity’s Michael Walton later today and will share more information about this charity following our meeting.


So what are the potential warning signs of mouth cancer?

• Lumps in the mouth that increase in
• Mouth ulcers that do not heal after two weeks
• Red, white or mixed patches in the mouth
• Persistent soreness in the mouth.

Please do bear in mind that most mouth conditions are not cancerous – but if you do have any concerns about any of the above you should contact your dentist or doctor as soon as possible.


Mouth cancer can be caused by a number of issues and the main ones are listed here…

• regular high alcohol consumption.
• smoking.
• poor diet
• poor oral hygiene.

The combination of the first two factors considerable heightens the risk.

What is interesting is that among patients under the age of 45, these traditional causes do not always seem to apply.

In the weeks and months ahead we’ll be sharing with you more information about mouth cancer and highlighting the work we, as dentists, do in its detection.

Should you have any questions about any of the above information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the Glasgow dental clinic. Contact can be made via the website or by phoning the main clinic number on 0141 339 7579.

*information from the Ben Walton Trust<

Denture patient at our Glasgow dental clinic labels his result “perfect”

Sports trauma and injury can compromise a person’s smile as well as his or her dental function.


Over a course of a year we’ll see several people who’ve suffered tooth or teeth loss as a result of a sports related incident.


Recently we saw a 68-year-old male patient who had lost three teeth when he was a teenager after clashing with a goalkeeper during a football match.


His decision to come to our Glasgow dental clinic was fuelled by his need to find a replacement for his partial upper denture.



The patient carried out some research before selecting our clinic and we’re delighted to receive a great testimonial from him about his experience with us.


Appreciated the line in his testimonial that we made sure ‘to the last detail that my denture was perfect”.


We’re always very pleased when a patient finds the time to send us feedback about the experience they’ve had at our clinic.

See the photograph for more information about this patient’s experience.


Should you require any additional information about dentures please click here.

Denture patient at Glasgow dental clinic

Denture patient delivers his verdict

New surgery in full swing: dentist Jill and dental nurse Pam ‘delighted’ with the new facility.

Dentist Jill and dental nurse Pam 'at home' in new surgery.

Dentist Jill and dental nurse Pam ‘at home’ in new surgery.

Our two new surgeries at our Glasgow dental clinic are now operational – and the team is loving the additional workspace and facilities for our patients.

In our photo dentist Jill Clare and dental nurse Pam Wood are pictured ready to welcome their next patient into the surgery.

We’ve now five state of the art surgeries up and running at the clinic – and the feedback from patients on the new surgeries has been really positive.

It’s certainly been a busy couple of months having the workmen carry out the final renovation work on the lower level surgeries but the upheaval has all been worth it to see the surgeries complete.

Each of the surgeries is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to deliver the best in patient care and treatment – from check-ups to more advanced dentistry such as dental implant surgery and smile makeovers.

We’ve installed the latest chairs from KAVO – bringing our total of chairs from this leading provider to five. We’re working on a special blog about the chairs – so watch out for that soon.

Meantime should you have any questions about our facilities and the treatment/services we offer please don’t hesitate to contact us either via this website of by phoning us on 0141 339 7579.

New study into dental phobic patients by University of Hong Kong: YouTube videos used for research.

Our team here works hard at helping phobic patients and we can use sedation techniques to help patients overcome their fears in attending for appointments.

It’s an important service we offer patients and our entire team is used to looking after those patients who have difficulties in feeling relaxed or confident about the dental clinic environment.
Our colleague Jamie Maguire has a particular focus on patients sedation and you can read more about our sedation treatments by clicking here.

Jamie Maguire has a focus on sedation for patients at Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry in Glasgow.

Jamie Maguire – has a particular focus on sedation for phobic patients.

According to a new study at the University of Hong Kong which used YouTube as a platform has revealed multiple manifestations and impacts of dental fear and anxiety, including immediate physical reactions (eg, crying, screaming, and shivering), psychological responses (eg, worry, upset, panic, helplessness, insecurity, resentment, and hatred), and uncooperativeness in dental treatment.

Testimonials from children, adolescents, and their parents suggested diverse origins of dental anxiety, namely personal experience (eg, irregular dental visits and influence of parents or peers), dentists and dental auxiliaries (eg, bad manner, lack of clinical skills, and improper work ethic), dental settings (eg, dental chair and sounds), and dental procedures (eg, injections, pain, discomfort, and aesthetic concerns).

The selected YouTube videos were transcribed verbatim. Non-verbal expressions such as facial expressions and body postures were also described.

A panel of three members consisting of a paediatric dentist, a behavioural scientist/public health practitioner, and a layperson with no dental background, read through the transcripts and watched each video carefully to ensure that the context was precisely understood and documented.

The research concludes that dental anxiety is better prevented than treated, through coordinated efforts of dentists, dental auxiliaries, pediatric patients, and their parents.

You can read more details about this study by clicking here.

New Friel baby arrives! Welcome to Camilla Rose…

Delighted to announce the arrival of our new baby daughter, Camilla Rose Friel, who was born on Monday, April 8, in Glasgow’s Southern General.

Camilla weighed 7lbs 3oz and is the perfect little sister for big brothers Arnold and Hugo.

She’s now settling in at home and is as good as gold.

Everyone very happy with her arrival.

New baby for endodontic focused dentist Ross and wife Suzie: Congratulations from the Glasgow dental clinic team!

Some lovely news about one of our team today…

We’re delighted to hear that our dentist colleague Ross Henderson who looks after our endodontic patients at the Glasgow dental clinic and his wife Suzie had their new baby last night.

They welcomed little Olivia who weighed in at a healthy 6lbs and 8ozs.

We all know how excited Ross has been at the prospect of becoming a new daddy so we look forward to hearing from him very soon!

Ross Henderson is an endodontist with a particular focus on treatments such as root canal therapy at the Glasgow clinic of Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry

Proud new dad Ross

Official dentist to Miss Scotland 2013 competition

We’ve been appointed as official dentist to the Miss Scotland 2013 competition and will be looking after the dental health of the title holder for the 12 months of her reign.

Organised via the Scottish Sun newspaper the competition will see 10 contestants battle it out for the title at the final on May 29 at the Glasgow Fruitmarket.

Our duties will involve welcoming the 10 into the clinic next month and checking their dental health etc before recommending any teeth whitening procedures.

Once the winner is known we’ll help her prepare for her attendance at the Miss World final in Bali during the summer.

Looking forward to working with the organisers, seeing how the competition progresses and of course meeting the winner who will undertake 12 months of work as an ambassador for the country.

Dundee dental student Joshua visits our Glasgow clinic: implant case on his agenda

From time to time we have dental course students from a number of Scottish universities visiting our Glasgow dental clinic.
We enjoy hosting them – and we always find they have a really keen interest in learning from their in-clinic experience.

Recently we hosted Dundee Dental School student Joshua Low at the clinic and he’s just written us a note sharing with us his feedback on the time spent with us.

Here are Joshua’s own words…

“I would like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit the Philip Friel Avanced Dentistry Clinic earlier this week. I would also like to thank your colleague Liz for inviting me and Carly for organising the dates for the practice visits.

It was truly a great experience getting to know more about the practice and how it is run as well as witnessing dental care of such a high standard. I acknowledged  how important treatment planning is for patients and how well it was explained to the them, particularly when I saw your colleague, Dr. Frew, use an intra-oral camera to show patients exactly where necessary treatment will be taking place.


I would also like to thank Dr. Frew who let me watch an implant case on Wednesday afternoon.

Dentist Glen Frew

Dentist Glen Frew – allowed Joshua to witness an implant case in the clinic

It was a great opportunity to see implant treatment being performed which I would rarley see at the Dundee Dental School so I was very excited and privelidged to witness this particular case.


What was interesting was the the amount of instruments needed for the surgery as well as the different types of implants  Dr Frew had which was necessary to make sure the patient had the correct implants suited for the patient’s particular type of mouth.

I also noticed the unique relationship Dr Frew had with his patient making sure she was comfortable throughout the whole appointment and updating her when beginning a new stage of the treatment.

I enjoyed every minute of my visit and appreciated how welcoming and nice everyone was. Thank you Dr. Friel, and the rest of the Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry Clinic staff,  for giving me this opportunity and I took forward to visiting the practice in the future.”

We’d like to thank Joshua for his time in writing to us about his clinic visit and we look forward to a return visit in the future as his course progresses.

Step by step process of dental implant work at our Glasgow dental clinic

In this blog we’ll look at the step by step process for routine dental implant work.

Each individual patient’s process will potentially be different but this gives you an idea of what to expect if you opt for dental implants as a solution in a smile makeover or to improve function.


Diagnosis and treatment planning appointments together with the completion of any reparative or preparatory work on remaining teeth or bone.


Implant placement is usually followed by a healing period of anything from six weeks to six months. Often the implants are completely hidden beneath the gum; however, one-stage procedures where the implant is visible from the time of placement are also common. Stitches are normally removed within seven to 10 days and many will dissolve on their own.


Several visits may be needed over the first few weeks to adjust temporary teeth or dentures and to monitor healing.

The time allowed for implants to integrate may be increased or decreased to suit the bone conditions.


In some cases, the first teeth fitted in the implants are not the final ones, but replicas of the proposed design. This stage can be used to assess the restorations, particularly in areas like the front of the mouth where appearance is more critical. This also gives the gums time to mature around each implant before the final teeth are fitted.


Final teeth are commonly fitted between three and nine months after placement of the implants.


In conjunction with the patients maintenance of an excellent oral hygiene, regular examination and hygiene appointments are then all that is required to maintain the health of the mouth, teeth and implants.

You can access more information about dental implant work carried out here at our Glasgow clinic by clicking here.

Our team is happy to help with any questions you may have about dental implant surgery.