Answering dental questions: Teeth whitening and scanning

On a regular basis I answer questions for a feature called The Clinic which appears every week in the Daily Record newspaper.

The paper focuses on a range of professions seeking their advice and knowledge on questions and provides information to the readers.

My most recent ‘appearance’ in The Clinic was on Monday and the two teeth-related topics covered were teeth whitening and scanning.

Here is the information carried in the feature..

I used to get my teeth whitened in a High Street studio but it closed down. Someone suggested it now has to be in a dental clinic. Is this true?

Teeth whitening must be carried out by a dental professional. There have been other EU regulations brought in meaning the use of particular strengths and preparations of whitening solution are no longer permitted. Currently the only option is to use home whitening trays, which provides a reliable and successful way to whiten the teeth. It’s important that your dental health is checked before carrying out any tooth whitening treatment.

In discussion with my dentist, I became concerned as he said I might need a scan before I get some implant work done. Should I be worried?

If you have any concerns, you should discuss these with your dentist. In some dental implant cases, a CT scan will be undertaken to allow planning of the implant surgery using a three dimensional representation of the remaining bone , nerves and vessels. This is a fantastic tool, however, its use is not always essential and all scans must be adequately justified.

I do hope you’ve found the information above of some use – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with dentists in  Glasgow here at the Glasgow-based clinic should you require more details about any of the topics touched on in the questions.

Patient’s view? Dental implant work – “totally pain free and straightforward”.

One of our dental implant patients who came to our clinic in Glasgow wrote a glowing testimonial for our website.

They summed up their experience as “totally pain free and very straightforward”.

The patient is a 60 year old female who’d had a gap in her teeth since her teens.

Here’s what she had to say in full…

“I contacted Philip some months ago as I was keen to have an implant to deal with a gap in my teeth where I‘d had a tooth removed when in my teens.

“I‘d had a bridge fitted in this gap but it had never been entirely satisfactory and I wanted to deal with the problem in a way that would be as much as possible like my original tooth. The treatment involved enlarging the space to allow for the implanted tooth and some bone grafting.

“The whole experience was totally pain free and very straightforward and the result excellent.”

We always appreciate when we receive patient feedback like the above. We recognise it takes a lot of time to write to us so we value that response.

Testimonial from a patient: implant secured denture work carried out

Feedback from patients is always appreciated – both in the time they take to write to us and also the information they’ll share with us in that process.

This gentleman tells the story of how his dentures didn’t give him good dental function and how dental implant work carried out at our dental clinic here in Glasgow produced a much improved solution for him.

Please take time to read his testimonial – shown here in the image.

Should you have any questions about dental implant treatment or any of the other services we carry out here at the dental Glasgow clinic please contact us – we’re happy to answer any queries.

Dental implant patient gives us feedback on treatment carried out at Glasgow clinic

Image of testimonial from dental implant patient