Appearance at Hampden in Glasgow! To share info about implant benefits

Philip Friel appearing at Scottish Dental Show to talk about implants

Philip on stage

Today I did an hour long presentation on the benefits of implants for people who find themselves suffering from edentulism – having no teeth at all on either upper or lower level (or even both).

The presentation was part of The Scottish Dental Show which was staged at Hampden in Glasgow. This was organised by the team from Scottish Dental Magazine and congratulations to them all for the effort they put into pulling together what was a first-class event!

I explained how effective dentures can be a solution and also how dental implants can assist in providing the patient with a significant improvement not only in dental function but also appearance. The benefit to the patient can also result in a massive confidence boost – and of course the restoration of their smile.

The feedback was all very positive and I was delighted so many delegates opted to stay on for my presentation – and not take advantage of the afternoon sun! So thanks to everyone who attended.

Congratulations to our dentist Liz!

Liz Glass, dentist and dental surgeon

Philip on stage

The team here is keen on professional/personal development and many of us attend courses, study for exams or go to seminars and lectures in pursuit of more and advanced knowledge about our great profession.

As you can imagine the research and studies being carried out into dental work, implant surgery and cosmetic dentistry advances change by the day so we all like to aim at being up to date with our knowledge and experience.

So we’re delighted to congratulate one of our dentists, Liz Glass, who’s just passed the first stage of the The Diploma of Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties exam.

Liz was candidate number 854. She sits the second part at the end of May in Leeds.

Relying less on traditional tests of knowledge and more on workplace-based demonstration of competencies, the MJDF provides a modern, innovative assessment for today’s dentist. You can read more about it here

Implant patient writes feedback: new tooth ‘unrecognisable’ from its neighbour!

We appreciate getting feedback from our patients and today a lady wrote in about the dental implant work that we’d carried out at our Glasgow clinic.

Here are her own words…

“Just a quick note to thank you for my new implanted front tooth!
After many years of various surgeries at varying dentistry practices (one in the US!!), you have finally succeeded in giving me a tooth that is unrecognisable from its neighbour!!!

The treatment I received from yourself was second to none. Not forgetting Kasia and Siobhan and Karyn on Reception, the whole experience was totally professional and made bearable (if that’s the correct word) by the relaxed atmosphere from the minute I entered the door of your Practice. It was great from my point of view to at last have a Dentist with whom I could discuss issues in a relaxed manner.

Many thanks once again – and looking forward to seeing everyone when I come in for my check-up. (I can’t believe I’m looking forward to visiting the Dentist!!!)

We thank her for taking the time to communicate her feedback to the team.