Shocking teeth cleaning poll: Don’t be one of these statistics!

We’re awash with surveys on a daily basis but one caught my attention and made me take a sharp intake of breath.
I read in today’s press that a survey by the highly respected dental hygiene firm Oral-B suggests that Scots have the dirtiest mouths in the UK.
Certainly not a statement to bring a smile to our faces.
The research reveals that one in five do not clean their teeth in the morning.
A scary two per cent of Scottish men can go a WHOLE week without brushing their teeth.
And 60% of females in Scotland will skip the teeth cleaning sessions at night before bedtime.
Furthermore some 10% of Scots admit going a full weekend without cleaning their teeth!
What’s going on?
Where’s their self respect?
And what about the issue of fresh breath?
Dental hygiene is so important – not only for the health of your teeth but for your gums and mouth in general.
My advice?
Make teeth brushing a twice daily ritual.
Brush your teeth for at least two minutes during each session.
If you’re at all worried about your dental hygiene regime then consult a professional dental hygienist.