Vital team training: clinic session to update on resuscitation techniques

We take all matters relating to patients wellbeing seriously.
We have a heart defribillator unit in the clinic – we’re not required do, but we do because we think it’s important to be well equipped.
Our team is trained in all matters relating to first aid and on how to deal with emergencies which could arise.
We’ve just updated our CPR training for the clinic team – something we do on an annual basis.
Everyone involved in the training session learns about resuscitation methods and how best to care for patients until the emergency services arrive.
We all consider these training sessioins to be vitally important.
Of course we hope never to need to use the skills we learn – but we have them nevertheless.

CPR training in the clinic. All staff are required to train on an annual basis

Kasia and Liz get some hands-on practice during the training session