Sign of the times

Our new clinic has its new sign in place – but the process to get to that stage wasn’t the easiest.
Despite the many and varied signs and lighting that exist in the neighborhood the current planning rules insist on a new sign being made from a material that was readily available at the time when the building itself was constructed. The rules also prevent us from lighting the sign.
We opted for a highly polished, grade A steel sign which is indeed extremely well polished. It works well in daytime when it’s sunny and at night it “borrows” some of the light from the nearby street lighting.
It’s eye-catching – and we’re very pleased with the result.

Our clinic offers an extensive range of dental services and cosmetic dentistry including dental implants, crowns and veneers. For more information please phone 0141 339 7579,

Magazine Focus

A couple of weeks back I mentioned I’d been interviewed by the Hyndland Heart magazine team. Well the piece is now out in print and online and here’s a chunk of it…I liked the headline. Many thanks to David and Ruth on the team for their interest…

Filling the Gaps

“Behind the chipboard-covered windows on Hyndland Road, near its corner with Clarence Drive, a quiet revolution in dental care is shaping up. State-of-the-art facilities with the latest developments in dental technology and sterilising techniques are promised, as the interior of a traditional main-door flat is transformed. Planned to open later this year, Philip Friel explains that tailoring a service around his patients’ busy lives has been uppermost in his mind as he plans the new facilities.

So don’t expect anything less than dynamism from this 32 year-old Glasgow University graduate who has, this year, been named by his peers to be among the Top 50 most influential dentists, in a poll published by Dentistry magazine. His position at 26 in the poll makes him the highest-ranking dentist in his field who is based in Scotland. He is particularly recognised as one of Scotland’s finest implant surgeons but also works with people who have experienced sports injuries and other traumas and says that “the difference we can make in improving their lives is significant”.

This passion for dentistry began in his teenage years, as a schoolboy at St Aloysius’ College, and led him to take degrees in anatomy and dental surgery. He now focuses his work on cosmetic dentistry and in particular dental implants. He is also happy to help patients maintain their healthy teeth.”

Local support

FOSP Gala Day June 2010 - photo Jack Breckenridge

We love our location in Glasgow and the clinic was delighted to be able to support the Friends of Old Station Park Gala Day last month.

We footed the bill for some Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry balloons to add colour and decoration to some of the venues for the day’s activties.

Fortunately as this photo by Jack Breckenridge shows, the sun shone and along with all the other ingredients made for a perfect summer’s afternoon.

If you look closely you’ll see our balloons complete with logo!

If you’d like more information about our cosmetic dentistry services and treatments – including dental implants – please phone 0141 339 7579